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    What Mary Had
    — Richard Stallman, 2017-04-27

    Mary had a little lamp
    On a motion-sensing switch.
    And this, at night, when Mary moved,
    Highlighted every twitch.

    Mary had a little phoney That tracked her everywhere,
    And every word that Mary spoke
    The state was sure to hear.

    Mary had a little car
    With cellular modem built,
    And everywhere that car…[Read more]

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    Documentary on the 80s and 90s Demoscene: The Art Of The Algorithms [FULL]

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    Richard Stallman on free software, music, films and drugs

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    Versions: #1#2 #3

    Guantanamera, guajira guantanamera *
    Guantanamera, guajira, guantanamera

    I am a truthful man; I come from where the palm tree grows,
    I am a truehearted man, who comes from where the palm trees grow,
    Before I lay down my life, I long to coin the verses of my soul


    I plant a snowy rose in January…[Read more]

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