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Play Dune2 on your mobile phone Dune2 Android port


Great news for the old-school gamers!
The Most awesome futuristic strategy game and probably the best real-time strategy game DUNE2 – The Building of Dynasty is now available for your Android powered Tablet / SmartPhone!

Install Dune2 on your android mobile phone and you will quickly reverse back memories of joy and easiness of your teen years! 🙂


If you like turn-based strategy games more – a must have strategy game on your Android mobile is Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Cheers 🙂

AbsoluteFTP old school Windows FTP and SFTP freeware client alternative to WinSCP



In 1996 when AbsoluteFTP was first released, FTP was the best choice for transferring files on the emerging public network called the internet. As the popularity of FTP grew, AbsoluteFTP’s features and capabilities were extended to keep up with ever more sophisticated requirements (included support for Secure Copy Transfers via SSH protocol).

In 1998, VanDyke Software introduced SecureFX® to address increasing concern over FTP’s inherent lack of security. Supporting the Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) as well as conventional FTP, SecureFX is a multi-protocol application for all of your file transfer needs.
This program includes a Windows Explorer style interface, drag-and-drop file transfers, customizable file types, and multiple simultaneous connections and transfers.