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What is the real job of most people nowadays who work with computers – Sad but True fact :)

Its amazingly what kind of world, we’re living nowadays the definition from knowledge is starting to blur, as nowone doesn’t have the physical time resource to learn and capacity to digest all the information.
The advent of Search Engines changed dramatically how we Work, Play and Relax.
The amount of information explosion is hitting us badly the more information, we have the more we want so we end up in a nuclear reaction chain-like process a tendency not likely to over except if there is no a cataclysm or a world war.

Man’s way of fixing things has changed, as even the most knowledgable on a certain topic or profession, have a lot of gap knowledges filled up by someone else on earth, who might have shared it already Online in Google.
The increase of Searching on the Internet for a solutions, made us certainly much more passive and more of a consumers than producers and sadly this is not of the best things to happen to us over the last 20 centuries.

In IT professions above diagram is more is even more adequate, as we’re totally dependent on Googling, to do even basic daily sysadmin / programmer work. There is even a whole generation of .NET programmers (who can’t really program but rely heavily on copy pasting assembling to come up with Companies Software production), in system administration job field situation is also similar, as many of the errors we get from services / applications are not existent in official documentation but experienced by someone else who suggested solution.

With the increase of use of Internet Search engine use and information we have to interpret daily, our mind advanced his capability to forget, because our brains are overfilled with information. That’s why often even though we have red a lot online, we can’t remember hardly anything. In short future this could bring us in a situation, where we will need Google embedded access traight into our brains – this is a science fiction now but in short future there is high chance for this to happen (it could be that is why the Bible prophet st. John tells us in Bible’s last chapter Apocalypsis that the Anti-Christ will set a mark to everyone, it is my guess that the mark on the forehead could be even an implant allowing the user to access the internet from anywhere through a virtual interface (chip) to project objects straight into humans head).