Is Putin Hebrew? – A clarification of the many speculations Putin has Jewish Origin

I heard Putin is Hebrew. This is quite intriguing and I really wonder if he is Hebrew?


Well my quick research reveals, that according to some Protestant christian calculations. Vladimir Putin is the Antichrist 🙂

This is so absurd you would not believe it. I wonder who on earth compe with such an absurd idea.
Here is why Putin is not the AntiChrist. Putin is an Orthodox Christian and we clearly know from Orthodox Christianity sayings of the saints the Antichrist should be born from unclean non-Christian hebrew virgin and he himself will not be baptized or Orthodox … Besides that Putin is attending Church services regularly and is very good willing towards the Russian Orthodox Church.

Also there is no official trustable sources which point that Putin has a Jewish ancestry. Putin’s father was Vladimir Spiridonovich and this is very Russian family surname nothing to do with Jewish. Putin’s mother was Maria Ivanovna (Ivanovna is also very typical Russian family with no Jewish origin).

It is well known fact that Putin used to serve for the Russian secret services KGB for 16 years, yearlier in his life until 1991.


There are also some speculations that Putin name is derived from Holy Bible and it means “Serpent”, this is pure speculations because there is nothing to do between Putin’s family and the holy bible.

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