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    Have we really gained or lost with all the modern tech mambo jumbo computers, Ipad, iMac, Dell and HP laptops or we lost it all?

    With an old Commodore 64, all was so much simpler and elegant, besides that you don’t have to update like crazy the software and be scared that after each update the software interface would have changed so drastically that you no longer could recognize or use it.
    Problems with Spam were not existing and Viruses even though present were so rare that it is not likely to catch one.
    I really enjoyed below video
    Old Computers did it better it learns us some lessons from the past, that perhaps new computer designers should take in mind once designing a computer.

    After all modern computing has become a total (perhaps) irreversable mess. Even fixing your hardware has become impossible, everything is build to buy and throw a system that completely takes away your freedom to experiment or learn. You can only learn programming but even that today is so rare and not many succed to become a good programmers, as everything has become too much polymorph and complex and really hard to understand or follow some good logic.

    Too much abstraction in modern computers virtualization and clouds has totally made true computing a crazy marketing buzzing about stuff that are not new, a kind of reinventing the steel.

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