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    I’ve been playing with ASUS GL553 Gamers (The notebook is a gamers PC expensive but funny), the most enjoyful part of the notebook is the keyboard which is blinking in different colors, there are regions of the keyboard with lights in the rainbow colors and you can set colors to your liking to each region for instance you can set the keyboard to blink in colors like the google logo. The laptop is handed with some software from assus that is supposed to target gamers, some monitors for CPU, NVidia Video, Fan rotation, Memory etc. however the software is more or less not too useful. Placing a special button that launches that kinda of useless bunch of software most of the time is not too useful. I’ve installed and just tested World of Tanks Game and had a lot of fun. WWT is made very simplistic (deloped in Belarus by the way) and I truly enjoyed it a lot as I haven’t played for a while 3D shooters and never played Tank Shooter game, it is obvious one can pretty easy addict to it.

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