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    The Clarey Test
    Permit me a bit of bravado, but hear me out at the same time as I think this will have some practical use in the political world.

    It is now practically a daily event we are confronted with some elitist dumbass that thinks they’re smarter than everybody else and is therefore entitled to be a tyrant telling us what or do. It could be a media personality, a professor, a politician, but you know the type I’m talking about. People who who are such ego-maniacs they think they have the right to butt into our business and tell us what to do.

    Now I have a nose for them, and over time developed kind of a litmus test of sorts. I test my hunches by taking a gander and asking my readers to research somebody I link to, whose profile I haven’t seen, to see if they have a worthless degree, have a trust fund, and in general fit the profile. But it gets tiring for me to ask, “OK lieutenants, anybody want to guess their degree, whether they live off of mommy and daddy, never worked a real job, etc. etc?” So instead I’d like to codify it and simplify it by creating “The Clarey Test.”

    The Clarey Test is simple. It’s a scale of 0-4, 0 being a “fail” and they are not the leftist, crusaderist, socialist, tyrant scum I think they are, and 4 being a full-blown, ego-maniac narcissist that views other people on the planet as serfs that should serve them, and consequently confirms my suspicions. There are four categories or “traits” for which the subject can get one point (with me kicking around some degree of allowing for half points or fraction of points).

    Worthless Degree
    No significant private sector experience
    Currently working in government, academia, non-profit or some other such industry (bar military or cops)
    Hail from rich or well-to-do parents

    So President Barack Obama would score thusly:

    Worthless Degree – 1
    No private sector experience – 1
    Currently in government – 1
    Hail from rich/well to do parents – 1

    Total score = 4 = pass

    Haley Koch

    Worthless Degree – 1
    No private sector experience – 1
    Currently in government – 1
    Hail from rich well to do – 1

    Total score = 4 = pass

    Matt Forney

    Worthless degree – 1
    No private sector experience – 0
    Currently in government – 0
    Hail from rich well to do – 0

    Total score = 1 = fail

    You get the idea.

    Now I’m more than open to any ideas, recommendations, and changes, but the larger point would be to come up with a numerical score or just use the test as a label. If it ever gains traction you could literally say, “Oh yeah, I heard that Joe Schmoe wants to provide more money for single mothers by raising property taxes, looking into his background and he totally passed the Clarey test. 3.9!”

    So let’s give it a trial run shall we? How about we score up Dr. Kirk J. Schneider.

    I’m going to go with 2.0 (keeping in mind I haven’t looked him up, just read Dr. Helen’s post on him).

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