Get your google plus url easy guide – how to get link of your Google+ profile url (User ID)

Get your Google+ URL is very easy however the description given by Google’s answers site on how to get google plus URL is obscure and very user unfriendly (in my opinion).
If you’re wondering why on earth would you ever need this URL, some useful place where you might need it is whether you’re a blogger like me and you need to link your blogspot or custom wordpress account with your google+ or you want it to link any other social network like Linkedin or Facebook to your Goo+

Below is a 3 steps guide to follow to get your Google+ account URL. The URL is not user friendly so you might also want to create a custom URL like:

1) Log in to Google+

2) Click on the this link or manually go to URL address

3) Look at the URL in the address bar, it should look something like this:

4) That is your Google+ URL!