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Father Stoyan Ivanov Stoyanov from Dobrich Holy Trinity Church passed away

After a short but severe sickness this night 27 June 2014 in Sofia – Capital hospital “Saint Anna” passed away to Christ Stoyan Ivanov (information from Holy Trinity Church “Dobrich”).

Church manciple and priest, Father Stoyan and chairman of Church board of Holy Trinity Church, diocese advisor an ex vicar general and a creator of homeless people shelter and social dining place nearby “Holy Trinity” Church building.

“We pray that the Lord have mercy on fr. Stoyan’s soul and grant him paradise entrace with the souls of righteous. We evince our deep condolence to his relatives and let his remembrance last forever.” – says the sable notice from Varna and VelikoPresval’s metropoly.

Burial service for his soul will be held in “Holy Trinity” Church where fr. Stoyan served with dedication to Dobrich Orthodox Christians.

Holy Trinity Church is the biggest Church temple in Dobrich with richest spiritual life and healthiest brotherhood.
As recognition to father Stoyan’s high contribution to Christians in Dobrich city, he will be buried small yard in front of Church.


Here is short biography of father Stoyan (from Jeglarci).
Fr. Styoan died 56 years old. He graduated Spiritual School (Seminary) in distant 1980 in times when Christian faith was persecuted by the Communist government in Bulgaria, and being part of Church community or studying in seminary was considered scandal and almost criminal activity. When 22 years old fr. Styoan was ordained deacon. In 1 January 1981 he was ordained in priest dignity. In beginning of his priesthood he served as priest to 9 villages in Dobrich region and as a regular service priest in villages Paskalevo and Kamen.

In year 1993 he was appointed for second priest in Church “Holy Trinity” Dobrich and from 1997 he become head Church priest. In sequence of 8 years he was “vicar general (arhiereiski namesnik)” of Dobrich spiritual region. Father Stoyan has 5 brothers and 2 sisters.


The father marked as personal success the restoration of old abandoned village Churches near Dobrich and the building of new Churches in Dobrich region and most importantly by his initiative the Spiritual Center with social dining room unto “Holy Trinity” Church.

The father used to say that he has two fathers – one his Father by flesh who born him and the other Spiritual Father his uncle Elder fr. Georgi from Jeglarcy (Zheglarcy) – a 91 true Priest (who has the gift of spiritual insight – Clairvoyance)

Father Styoan’s wife is worthy for veneration for the fact he was priest of Bulgarian Orthodox Church in two hard periods (from 1981 in severe communism times – when he was often threatened by communist authorities and in time of beginning (anarchic) democracy from 1991 to 1996.

The father helped to many poor people by giving him shelter and food in the homeless people center he established. The homeless and poor in Dobrich will surely miss the merciful priest and remember him for long time for his good deeds. To establish the Homeless Orphanage home father Stoyan (Ivanov), fought hard battles to collect money and build the homeless people center which is also with a spiritual library (which contains 2800 books and is the most rich Spiritual Library in Dobrich), Spiritual Center (where almost each Sunday there are small orthodox lectures), and a wing for homeless people.

The creation of homeless people home that made Father Stoyan is similar to Fr. Ioan from Novi Khan’s homeless children shelter.


Thanks to fr. Stoyan and sponsorship of Dobrich municipality the homeless people center gives free lunch for homeless and poor people daily.

I pray the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on his soul.

For many years for your priesthood (На Многая Лета Иерейство Твое)!
A Kowtow (Deep Bow) for his worthy living!