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    Pope Martin I (Latin: Martinus I; between 590 and 600 – 16 September 655), also known as Martin the Confessor, was the bishop of Rome from 21 July 649 to his death. He served as Pope Theodore I’s ambassador to Constantinople and was elected to succeed him as pope. He was the only pope during the Eastern Roman domination of the papacy whose election was not approved by an imperial mandate from Constantinople. For his strong opposition to Monothelitism, Pope Martin I was arrested by Emperor Constans II, carried off to Constantinople, and ultimately banished to Cherson. He is considered a saint and martyr by the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

    The breviary of the Byzantine Churches states: “Glorious definer of the Orthodox Faith … sacred chief of divine dogmas, unstained by error … true reprover of heresy … foundation of bishops, pillar of the Orthodox faith, teacher of religion. … Thou didst adorn the divine see of Peter, and since from this divine Rock, thou didst immovably defend the Church, so now thou art glorified with him.”>/b>

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