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Self-Healing Stomach diseases and activating your body Self-Healing abilities with Foot Legs Massage Acupuncture / Reflexology healing points

I’m having troubles with stomach Gastritis and an old Duodenum Ulcer that recovered I don’t know this for sure because I’ve done two examinations one with X-Ray and I’ve done the Gastro-Endoscopy examination. The professor that examined my X-Ray scan said I’m having old Duodenum Ulcer that recovered while the Endoscopy showed I have nothing severe just gastritis and a tiny narrowing of the large intestine which is not fatal.

As most people nowadays , I’m exposed to heavy stress – in work, while travel in metro / bus / airplane trains , marriage life scandals and irritation … modern life is really crazy and becomes more and more wild daily. Food is also a great factor that makes my stomach deteriorate, even though I’m trying to stay away from junk-food and eat more soups and easy to digest food as well as eat natural products.

I tried some healing with medicines prescribed by my (General Praticioner), he recommended me drinking some turkish pills for Pulset early in morning 30 mins before eat as well as Nexium, none of them give any positive results.

I also tried following advised to reduce coffees (I drink 2 / 3 coffees a day) didn’t give any results too. After my attempt for healing with conventional medicine was a failure (I can’t say that none of the prescribed methods to reduce stress, drink pills, don’t think about my diseasese etc. give any positive results), I decided to turn to Herbal and self-healing. Some long time ago I’ve done a few times a course of Herbal Healing and I can see that helped me much better than convenientinal chemical medicine. Thanks to a famous herbalist in Kamenartzi’s herbs whose herbs are well-known in Bulgaria for healing cancer diseases my immune system strengthened and I felt much better after 3 months of herbal healing.

Another positive experience from natural healing is also when I was to a natural healer lady which used a combination of . Chinese Chiropractice / Acupuncture (like technques) such as Reflexology and other old Bulgarian natural healing recipees to recover health. It is interesting that using Acupuncture it is possible to approximately determine your health problems just by a body / spine / legs massage. Acupuncture massages is quinte interesting natural healing methodology and to learn it you need few years of active learning practice. Acupuncture derives from (from Latin ‘acus’ (needle) + ‘punctura’ (to puncture)) is the stimulation of specific acupuncture points along the skin of the body using Chiroropractice is a special massage technique. This time i decided to try a massage like self-healing massage such methodologies are well known since ancient times and most popular in China and India (mostly) nowdays Asia in Yoga and other Eastern healing practices. There are points all along the body which could be massaged and through which you can activate self-healing, most important and used one that could be easily used to self-massage on daily basis are on face / legs and hands.

Its quite hard to live with stomach pains but I guess this is part of my destiny so I have to accept it live with it and try to keep up as healthy as possible. In that relation I just found a very useful tiny picture showing the acupuncture foot healing points on left and right legs. By massaging acupuncture says various internal body organs could be stimulated to self-heal and could save you plenty of lost money for doctors.

reflexology-foot-chart-lifeologia-very-complete-legs-healing-points-diagramAlso it is not a secret that any conventional “pills” chemical treatment heals one think but impacts negatively 10 and most often is not healing the cause of the illness but just its symptoms.
Thus this simple massage method is for anyone like me is Alternative, though in some too much severe cases Conventional Doctors are a must for the daily Chronical diseases we suffer Reflexology is a must.

However we should not forget that such a points therapy without The Lord Jesus Christ’s help for recovering is completely impossible to work out. After all it is God that keeps all processes in our organism and finally decides how each of the processes in the body would flow even though he made some natural laws which has been proven to work 99% of the cases occassionally
when we enter repentance God The Holy Trinity by the Grace of Holy Sacraments in hi One and Holy Apostolic Church, The Holy Eastern Orthodox Church he does miracles and could make the above described reflexology therapy to have a positive effect.

We should not forget that healing the body through originally Chineese reflexology is meaningful only if a man does decide to change his life by deep repentance and grief for his multitude of sinful deeds which we tend to do on daily basis.

After all it is the Creator of the Universe the Lord Jesus Christ who said that the Soul is and should be the primary goal of ones living and not the body. The sickness I get and sicknesses which many get are because of the only reasons we sin constantly and don’t do love God and follow his laws and great plans for our life.

After all don’t forget that the most important think for recovery is to always keep in yourself repeatedly the prayer: