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Bulgarian sleeping car trains made in Turkey – Shame on us

After 500 hundred years being under the yoke of the Turkish Empire (crescent) and 133 Years from the Liberation from Turkish Slavery.

We Bulgarians have the misfortune to be under an econimic slavery. Yesterday I travelled with Night train in Sleeping Car wagon from Dobrich to Sofia. It is not the first time I travel with sleeping car and I must say this new wagons bought last year are super confortable!

Guess my amazement, when I saw on my entrance in wagon down on the entry sidewalk written “MADE IN TURKEY“.

The wagons look very modern like produced in a normal European country so I always thought this new wagons are bought from Italy or Germany … Why and who took the decision that a state company as the Bulgarian National Trains buy from Turkish country is a big question and why we’re financing the economy and well being of a nation that killed many of our fore-fathers. And I don’t think this wagons were bought from Turkey just because economic reasons, as we can always buy from Russia. It is a tragedy for Bulgarian nation that ruling parties and businesses in Bulgaria forget the blood of the fighters for freedom and do a national betrayer by giving Bulgarian money in hands of our ex-tormentors …