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Bulgarian sleeping car trains made in Turkey – Shame on us

After 500 hundred years being under the yoke of the Turkish Empire (crescent) and 133 Years from the Liberation from Turkish Slavery.

We Bulgarians have the misfortune to be under an econimic slavery. Yesterday I travelled with Night train in Sleeping Car wagon from Dobrich to Sofia. It is not the first time I travel with sleeping car and I must say this new wagons bought last year are super confortable!

Guess my amazement, when I saw on my entrance in wagon down on the entry sidewalk written “MADE IN TURKEY“.

The wagons look very modern like produced in a normal European country so I always thought this new wagons are bought from Italy or Germany … Why and who took the decision that a state company as the Bulgarian National Trains buy from Turkish country is a big question and why we’re financing the economy and well being of a nation that killed many of our fore-fathers. And I don’t think this wagons were bought from Turkey just because economic reasons, as we can always buy from Russia. It is a tragedy for Bulgarian nation that ruling parties and businesses in Bulgaria forget the blood of the fighters for freedom and do a national betrayer by giving Bulgarian money in hands of our ex-tormentors …

Dobrich floods are over all is calm and a Night Train Trip to Dobrich

We had some doubts to travel or not as there were plenty of news online saying about a turmil situation Flood – 3 death tolls and many ateruined houses and streaming water.

Yesterday we travelled with Svetlana to Dobrich with Night train sleeping car.
The new sleeping cars (are from 2004) and was launched into Train composition from last year in BDZ (Bulgarian State Trains) are awesome. Being in those new sleeping carsyou feel like you’re in Germany or some other western country.

We arrived early in mormning in 07:32 and all is clear no flowing water on the streets no signs of mass destruction …

On my way home, we went flor the morning Church service and the Holy Liturgy in Holy Trintiy Church. Serving priest was fr. Emanuel who used to be a deacon in Holy Trinity Church for 3 years. Fr. Emanuel case is very interesting as he converted to Christianity, few years ago and decided to even take the path of priestship.

In the end of Church service Fr. Peter served a service for memoriam of the Victims of the recent floods in Varna and Dobrich and a prayer in which we asked God to help and strengthen families of victims. Cccording to latest reports at least more than 13 people passed away, being drowned in the floods in Varna’s suburb Asparuhovo and some of Dobrich. In Dobrich in floods 150 people loose their homes.

Here is few pictures from Flood Dobrich from yesterday 20.06.2014






Last Sunday Mountain Tourism in Jeleznica village near Sofia

Zheleznishka mountain near Zheleznica
Zheleznishka mountain

Last Sunday we went together with my wife Svetlana and brothers and sisters in Christ from the Sofia’s Orthodox Youth Movement in Bulgaria’s National Park situated near Zheleznica (Jeleznica) village.
Jeleznica is very near Sofia – if you drive by car in less than half an hour to reach there. Jeleznica. Nearby the village is Jeleznica river.

Jeleznica in Bulgarian means something like “Iron” and the name of village is derived because in earlier times near the village was an Iron mine.

Also for tourists interested in Christianity you can find nearby an functional Orthodox Monastery of Kolalyane (Kolayane Monastery).
Kokalyane monastery is situated on a very ascetic place only reachable by 30 minutes walk up the mountain.

10 Kilometers from the village are located the Ruins of another famous monastery, The “Holy Spirit” monastery which existed from the 15th century and was destroyed by muslims during Bulgarian turkish slavery.
The Holy Spirit monastery is situated on the mountain Plana’s peak called “Monastirishte” – 1338 meters high. Under the monastery ruins is a remarkable three which is 500 years old!

Nearby the monastery is a natural spring with a RED COLORED WATER! which is considered to be healing. Nowadays on same place where monastery was is a Small Chapel.

In ancient times Jeleznica region was important Spiritual enlightenment region for Bulgaria. It was called the “Small Holy Athos” which was part of the monastery framework called Sofia Holy Athos .

We had a great time we walked from the path leading the mountain. It is usual for this parts of Bulgaria that people go for a mountain tourist – people who live in Sofia are very blessed for that. In hour mountain hike we saw plenty of people around for a barbecue and many who try to escape from the stressful daily life and job. Nearby Jeleznica are two mountains.