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    Manipulative Games Women Play on Guys

    • Don’t ever trust a woman, they are chameleons. They will say what you want to hear and act interested into your life. That’s in order to gain information about you in order to trap you. They will lie about anything and speak half truths.

      If you read into Cluster B personality disorders it basically describes 99% of them. Once you know all the manipulation tricks, they can’t control you. Learn all the red flags and leave them once you see them. Usually their ammunition are passive agressiveness, shaming tactics, projection and emotional abuse.

      Men and women love differently. A woman’s love is conditional, they only love you for what you can do for them. Educate yourself about hypergamy. They are selfish and entitled. Watch what they do, not what they say. Words are just words without action to back it up.

      These creatures literally live of attention, so don’t give it them if they don’t earn it. Stop putting them on a pedestal just because she looks good and shows some cleavage or ass. Don’t let them have sexual power over you.

      Always ask the question, what does she have to offer besides sex? What does she want/demand and what does she give in return? When a woman loses her looks she will lose her secual market value and usually that’s when she reaches the age of 30. That’s also the time she wants to settle after getting fucked by 20, 50 or even 100s of men. Why would any seld respecting man marry a woman like that? Just look at the statistics of divorce, where 70%+ are being initiated by women.

      Don’t ever think she is different than others because they are all the same. Some will even get pregnant by other men while they’re married. Always do a paternity test on the child! There are many crazies out there that will divorce rape you and take everything. Men only can lose in marriage. Men should realize they are the prize.

      I love women but hate female nature. Just see the hypocracy and double standards for what they are. The only winning move is not to play the game. Realize how much time, energy and how much money you put into them and what you get in return. Rather put all that into your own life, as you never lose when you bet on yourself.

      This post will probably get a lot of reaction from women. Let me say this you can’t manipulate me, shame me or control me. These are my beliefs and I will stick to them. I am speaking a truth many don’t want to hear or accept.

      And last but not least she is NEVER yours it’s just your turn.

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