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    How to correctly delete a SnapMirror relationship

    1. Quiesce and break the SnapMirror.
    Quiesce using the following command: snapmirror quiesce destination
    Break using the following command: snapmirror break destination

    2. Run the snapmirror status -l command to find what the base snapshot is:
    destfiler> snapmirror status -l test_dst
    Snapmirror is on.

    3. Delete the baseline snapshot from the source storage system’s volume:
    srcfiler> snap delete test_src srcfiler(0101168974)_test_dst.5
    Run the snapmirror release source_vol destfiler:dest_vol command on the source. This will delete the baseline snapshot on the source volume as well.

    4. Delete the relationship entry by editing the entry from the snapmirror.conf file on the destination storage system, or delete the schedule from OnCommand System Manager. After a minute or two, run the snapmirror status command. The relationship should no longer be present.
    destfiler> snapmirror status test_dst

    5. Delete the relationship entry by deleting the destination volume. If the relationship on the detination filer shows uninitialized in snapmirror status -l
    destination_filer: destination_vol

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