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    Kormchaia – Kórmchaia Book, pl. Kórmchiye Books or Books of the Pilot (Russian: Ко́рмчая книга, Ко́рмчая from кормчий, Church Slavonic: кръмьчии mean helmsman, pilot of ship) or Pidalion (Russian: Пидалион from Greek: Πηδάλιον, Πηδαλίων mean stern oar, helm, handle of helm, rudder) or Nomocanon (Russian: Номокано́н from Greek: Νομοκανών from νόμος means law, statute + κᾰνών means canon, rule) are collections of church and secular law (see also Byzantine law), which constituted guide books for the management of the church and for the church court of Orthodox Slavic countries and are transmission of several old texts. It were written in Old Church Slavonic and Old Russian.

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