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    When we first heard rumors about NetApp releasing a “slim” model of their beast of an all-flash array the “A700”, the storage nerd community were completely giddy with anticipation. When we had heard that NetApp was planning on putting all the power of the their 8U Modular A700 workhorse into a compact 4U chassis with 24 internal drive bays, we thought that NetApp couldn’t possible pull this off. However, today NetApp pulls the covers off the “A700s”, and yes the “s” does officially stand for slim. Let’s see how they did:

    The Hardware:
    Processor: CPU: 72 cores (same core count as AFF A700)

    Memory: 1024GB (same amount as AFF A700)

    Onboard I/O ports (per controller): 4x 40GbE QSFP ports with 4 PCIe Expansion slots

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