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    How to drop a packet in Linux in more ways than one

    Have you ever wondered how to drop a packet in Linux OS? Well, there are a few methods to do it. In this blog post we want to share them with you. These methods are not restricted to just firewall rules and can be divided into six main categories:

    iptables – responsible for filtering packets handled by TCP/IP stack
    ebtables – the same as above, but mostly focused on layer 2 (the comparison between ISO/OSI and TCP/IP models is presented in our blog post)
    nftables – successor of iptables+ebtables
    ip rule – a tool designed to build advanced routing policies
    IP routing – transferring packets according to the routing table
    BGP Flow Spec (how to deploy iptables’ rules using BGP protocol)
    QOS – using the tc filter command design for QOS filtering
    eBPF with a little help from XDP
    filtration on OSI layer 7 using a user space application

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