Orthodox Christian Holy Relics of Milan – Saint Ambrose (San Ambrogio) and Early Christian Martyrs Protasius, Gervasius) year 58 – 64 A.D.


If you have the chance to be in Milan (Milano) Italy and you want to use your holiday or business trip in optimal way and receive an immerse heavenly blessing you should go to Saint Ambrose (San Ambroge) Church in Milano.
In that Church are preserved to this day the incorruptable Holy Relics of Saint Archibishop Ambrose (Ambrosius) from Mediolan (c. 340 – 4 April 397). Mediolan is the old city name for Milan) as well as found by him through God’s revalation Holy incurruptable relics of very early Christian martyrs Protasius and Gervasius (54-68) Anno Dommini (After Christ).
Saint Ambrose is one of the most important Theological Teachers and Doctors of the Early Christian church in IV century, he had plenty of writtings on faith and a lot of translations of old greek Church books and most importantly a severe fighter against the early heresy Arianism (true fighter for true faith of Orthodoxy). St. Ambrogio is also the patron saint of Milan. St. Ambrose is famous for his influence on saint Augustine.


Another must visit pilgrimage site in Milan is the Church of San Lorenzo (Maggiare)Saint Lawrence where is preserved the Holy incorruptable body of Saint Natalia and Adrian of Nicomedia.


San Lorenzo Church dates as early as the beginning of IV century and is among the most ancient Churches in Milan.
Below is a bit of more info on Saint Protasius, Nazarius, Gervasius and Celsius of Milan.
The Holy Martyrs Protasius, Nazarius, Gervasius and Celsius of Milan suffered during the reign of the emperor Nero (54-68).

Saints Protasius and Gervasius were twin brothers from Mediolanum (Milan), the sons of wealthy Roman citizens, Vitalius and Valeria. When they received their inheritance from their parents, they distributed the money to the poor, freed their slaves, and occupied themselves with fasting and prayer. The pagans locked them up in prison because they were Christians. St Nazarius met them when he was visiting Christians in the Mediolanum prison. He so loved the twins that he wanted to suffer and die with them. The ruler heard that he was visiting the prisoners, so he had St Nazarius beaten with rods, then driven from the city.

Sts Nazarius and Celsius went to Milan and visited Gervasius and Protasius in prison. They were brought before Nero, who ordered that Sts Nazarius and Celsius be beheaded. Soon after this the holy brothers Gervasius and Protasius were also executed. The relics of all four martyrs were stolen by a Christian named Philip, and were buried in his house.

Many years later, during the reign of the holy Emperor Theodosius (408-450), St Ambrose, Bishop of Milan (December 7), discovered the relics of Sts Gervasius and Protasius through a revelation from God.

In the reign of Arcadius and Honorius, St Ambrose also discovered the relics of Sts Nazarius and Celsius. The holy relics, glorified by many healings, were solemnly transferred to the Milan cathedral.

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