Unique Preshistoric paintings Cave Magura near Belogradchik Rocks – Bulgaria


Prehistoric Magura cave is located in North Bulgaria in the South slope in karstovski rid of Ribashka Mogila – sitauted 17 km north-west from Belogradchik.
Magura is one of the most unique Tourist destinations in Bulgaria for anyone interested in ancient and prehistoric history.

The Cave consists of few big and small halls and is one of the most unique naturally formed caves.
There in cave in middle of many Stalactites man feels like in another “magical” world.

In Magura cave there are life remains which are quite ancient and those who believe in “Evolution” theory which btw is being rejected by modern science claim the cave is from neolit epoche and there are signs of life until death of Roman Empire epoch.
It is claimed that the inhabitants during the prehistoric stone-mead-ian epoch. Remains from human inhabitants are found in al of the cave “galleries”.
The most original memorial of human life being in Magura-ta are prehistwall paintings in one of the galleries. They are considered a unique historical value creation of man because they were made in prehistoric epoch. Such a unique prehistoric civilization remains are not to be found in whole South-east Europe. The painting is a clear sign that Bulgarian country lands were inhabited by most ancient civlizations in Europe even in prehistoric times. So we need to be proud as Bulgarians.

The pictures are being separated in 8 groups, among which are 55 woman paintings, 23 men, 11 animal figures and 16 signs. Scenes are said by some prehistoric era researchers to cult of fertiliy, and signs / letters symbols connected to ancient magical believes which the cave inhabitants were using to pray for survival.

The pictures are made in different periods, eneolite, bronze epoch and some are in “newer.” epochs. Mostancient is image of galoping horse, which is dated to 12000 years (before Christ).
However as you can see yourself on the picture there is a cross and since as a Christian I know the world is a little bit more than 7500 years the 12000 years dating is impossible.
Ohra material was used for the painting, much later the painting was repeated with bat guano. Also it is evident on the picture a cross and we know that ancient times of old testament, there were primitive living people and in my opinion this paintings were done at time of Abraham and Jacob or a little bit after Noah’s (Noah ark’s) time.

Prehistoric pictures of prehistoric man were found in 1879 in cave Altamira Spain. There in XII centuries before Christ were painted horses, deers, bears, mammoth. It is being suggested that this paintings were made in special rituals, in which the ancient hunters were doing as a mean of prayer to be able to be successful in killing the animal victims and obtaining the daily food.
Similar pictures are found also in France, Sahara, Mala Asia and also include depiction of animals. Everywhere the scenes are showing, animals in motion. In some places are painted hunters which doesn’t hold spears / weapons. The technique for creating the paint material is a mixture of mashed minerals and animal products.

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